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Can't wait to get your cd now!

Richard ( 02/05/2013 )

hello, pourriez vous nous donner une date de concert et ou allez vous vous produire en france ,car nous avions aimer super aimer votre concert ,alors nous sommes impatient de vous revoir et vous ecouter par avance merci ,vous souhaitant à très bientôt bien cordialement, m,et mme tassery pascal

tassery ( 02/03/2013 )

We will keep you informed by mail when the concert is confirmed... (probably November 2013). Thanks !

Hi guys! I saw you last year! you were awesome!

Alan ( 01/11/2012 )

Thanks a lot !

Hi I saw you guys for the first time at the brook earlier this year. Was amazed how good the show was so I will definitely be back on the 11th. Looking forward to it already.

Owen cox (03/11/2011)

Thank you ! We love playing at the Brook indeed!

top concert at pacific road !! some really excellent songs played, hard to tell the difference to the real thing !! need you back again soon...........

Andy C (19/09/2011)

Thanks !

Saw you at Pacific Rd last night. Brilliant !!! Just a shame there weren't more people there but it wasn't advertised that much locally. Please don't be put off by the small turn out. Would love to see you again. Will spread the word :-)

Debs (17/09/2011)

Thank you very much !

Hi Guys! When are you coming back to Ottawa?

Hugh (17/08/2011)

No plans for Canada at the moment. Sorry... but we'd love to play there sometime again. Ottawa was fantastic!

Hey guys. Saw you at the Mathew Street Festival in Liverpool a couple of years ago. I'm SO pleased you are returning and doing Pacific Road! I've never forgotten the performance you gave. Will be good to see you again.

Andy Meadows (11/08/2011)

Thank you ! See you there...

very nice concert in hougate this friday. Thank you very much. See you soon in Paris

sandra (07/08/2011)

Yes! See you in Paris ;-)

your concert last night at Houlgate was great ! Beautiful ! you are a very professional group and you had fun playing. thank you for this great time to be cheered up my holidays! Willy, you were awesome yesterday !

Nelly (06/08/2011)

Thank you! We had great time there too...

Hey Guys!! You were in Montreal Canada a while ago and gave a great show! We miss you!!! When are you coming back to Canada?

Chris (06/07/2011)

Thank you Chris! No plans yet unfortunately... We will let you know if another tour there is coming up. We really enjoyed playing in your country...

Le concert au Locle a été génial. Ecouter du Supertramp avec Logicaltramp c'est du pur bonheur. J'espère que vous reviendrez avec en plus le soleil...

Marina (05/07/2014)

Thank you!

I've been told that you could possibly come to Paris for a concert in 2012... I hope so, it would be great. I would love to listen to you live one day. A concert in my home town Caen (Calvados, 14) would be even better, of course. But Paris is not too far from Caen, so the capital would be OK for me, anyway.

Karine (25/05/2011)

Yes Karine. There is a possibility for us to play there. Targetting 500, we still need people to be listed for booking a decent venue in Paris!.. We need you all! Spread the word ;-) Register here! Thank you!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get some more UK dates booked - missing Supertramp's great music and songs that only you do so well

Christine Brant (13/05/2011)

Thank you! We will do our best...

Loved the intro of your concert!! Brilliant. Loved the outro too. Loved all of it actually LOL! You are simply awesome.

Liz (23/03/2011)

Thank you! We'd LOVE you to come again...

I live in Holland and many people i know would love to see Logical tramp here!. You would do great. Will you come to Netherlands sometime? That would be nice. Thank you

Brita (17/03/2011)

Thank you! It would be a pleasure to play In Holland.

What a great band! Keep up the good work and the good music alive!

Franck (21/02/2011)

Thank you Franck!

Quand revenez-vous jouer en France? Votre concert à Saint Tropez était super!

Patrick (07/02/2011)

Thank you! We will do a couple of gigs in France this year, starting this summer in Houlgate (Normandy). There is also a possibility for us to play in Paris. You should indicate your name in the Paris page for the promoter. Thank you!

We saw you in Ottawa. Any chance you will be returning this year? You were fantastic.

Cathy (21/01/2011)

Thank you Cathy. We have no plans yet to go back to Canada. Maybe next year?... Keep visiting the website for the news!

My Name is Elaine, I've Been a FAN of Supertramp since, SHHH 1976, Had ALL the Early Albums, I want to CON-GRADULATE You On your FANTASTIC sound ! am Now Collecting Albums on Cd, Since I da a "Roomie" who destoyed the first two, Got THEM !! Any Chance of a Picture with ALL Your Band Members?

Elaine (18/01/2011)

Thank you Elaine! Do not hesitate to ask us after a gig. We'll be happy to take a picture with you if possible.

Happy new year!! I was wondering if you intend to have a concert in the US, more specifically southern California, any time soon? That would be great. Thank you

Babak (03/01/11)

Happy new year to you too... We have no plans yet to play in US. We would love to play there sometimes though... Thank you!





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Anthony Clayton
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