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Boys I'm not one for texting. But I just had to how much we enjoyed your show in the Acapela in Cardiff last night (Oct. 13, 2018). Just blown away by your musicianship. Nothing big headed fantastic. - Cliff Dally (Wales)

Sencillament GENIAL ¡¡¡¡! Moltes gràcies. El concert ha estat sensacional.... - Tere (Spain)

Second time we’ve seen this brilliant band at the Tropic (nov.2017) Can’t say enough good things about Logicaltramp, they are just brilliant. All sublime musicians who create a very authentic Supertramp rendition. Will go again and again, keep it coming guys... - Wendy (UK)

Just got back from watching Logicaltramp tonight, Nov.5, 2010. Quite simply they were brilliant... - Jeremy (UK)

Hi Guys. Saw you in my hometown of Liverpool during the Mathew street festival yesterday.. Totally blown away by the accuracy, absolutely brilliant you were!! I'm in top Coldplay tribute myself called "viva la coldplay" and I know how hard it is to get it right and you did more than that!! Wish we could do a show with you sometime! All the best!! - Shaun (UK)

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Anthony Clayton
, our guitarist, interviewed by Geoff Dorsett in october 2010

- -

I saw you in last night. It was wonderful. You kept me smiling with the great sound. If the audience had its way, we would have kept you playing for quite some time. Thank you for a wonderful flash back and enjoy your stay in the Great White North! - Bonita Pafford (Ontario, Canada)

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Saw you for the first time at Huntingdon hall last Saturday, Nov.11th 2017. Absolutely brilliant. Please come north. You'd love playing band on the wall in Manchester or the met in bury Lancashire. Thanks for a great night.- Philipp & Amanda (UK)

They are fantastic and sound quality is excellent. Great fun singing along. Will go and see them again. - Ian Winter (UK)

Voi siete grandi. verrete in italia a cantare delle cover? siete fantastici. Avete delle vostre canzoni?- Michele (Italy)

It's LOGICAL! - DON'T expect a one man show featuring an unshaved guy with a can of special brew. DO expect the music of Supertramp! - The Brook (UK)

This is my first opportunity to say congratulations to the members of The LogicalTramp for putting this project together. I am very pleased to hear their interpretations of Supertramp songs as modern productions and not mimicry! Tribute bands often get knocked but here is a class act!. - Andy Thomas (Wales)

No dia 18MAR, aqui no Porto, primaram-nos com um excelente concerto! Estiveram muito bem! Continuem, pois tocam excelentemente bem! Espero poder vê-los noutros concertos! O SuperCarlos
- Carlos Magalhães (Portugal)

I had a wonderful and joyful time when attending their concert in Barcelona! Jan 21, 2017- Daniella Zomignani (Barcelona)

Your band played at the living arts center in Mississauga, Ontario Nov 27... Very very good show!!! - Jerry Salandra (Canada)

Saw you at Marvellous 10 festival and you were by far the best in the show fantastic!! - Marylyn Smith (UK)

ça c'est un bon site!! Je suis très heureux de vous avoir connu. J'adore Supertramp et je ne pensais pas trouver un site aussi super tramp que le vôtre. Un grand BRAVO !! - Patrick (France)

I was at the Marvellous festival last weekend on July 24 2010, and out of the 14 bands, yours was the must-see performance. Absolutely unforgettable - I've been to every one of these festivals, and yours counts in my top 3 performances of all time. I will be looking out for you on tour in this area in future, and meanwhile just want to say thank you for a Marvellous performance!
- Philip Grayson (UK)

Merci encore pour votre concert à HOULGATE le 5 août 2011 qui était magistral. Vous nous avez fait vibrer et mémorer les années 80 avec qui nous avons grandis à bientôt à PARIS pour votre concert en ésperant que l'on pourra venir vous revoir!
- Pascal (France) -

I just wanted to write and say how impressed me and my partner were with the LogicalTramp gig at Southampton last Friday 5th Nov. 2010. It was a fantastic evening and all of the band players were superb. We will definitely be coming to see you again! I would go so far as to say that your gig was a lot better than the Supertramp concerts I have been to over the years... All the best for the future, you and the other band members deserve the recognition, as it was a truly fantastic night. Very kind regards.
Heather (UK)

He disfrutado con el concierto. Grandes músicos y muy profesionales. Enhorabuena, Congratulations!!!
Montse (Spain)


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What people said after seeing Logicaltramp on stage...

Listen to John Helliwell's introduction to Logicaltramp:

Click to enlargeI've never seen a tribute band for Supertramp before so I have no benchmark for comparison. However, I doubt I'm going to see a better Supertramp Tribute Band than Logicaltramp. They needed some serious instrumentation to bring those classic songs to life and they did so with plenty of elan and style. The band delivered an evening of top quality performances which did justice to the original recordings.

Concentrating on the classic albums Crime Of The Century & Breakfast In America, the band gave us two hours of classic Supertramp - with additional tracks from most of the Supertramp catalogue of albums. The one major mistake, as far as I'm concerned, that Tribute Bands often make is that they try to imitate the vocal performances. I'm glad to say that tonight both Gary & Tamas do not try and imitate Rick & Roger but sung in their own distinctive voices and left the instrumentation to carry the vibe of the original recordings.

From that first eerie string note and the harmonica solo of Take The Long Way Home we were off and running. I cannot compliment the band enough on the arrangements of the songs for the whole of the evening as they played hit after hit to such as consummate standard. Ain't Nobody But Me came up next and showed we weren't just in for (a Greatest Hits Show, the band were going to throw in some album tracks and lesser known songs. And they did it with seamless authority.

With Supertramp no longer around and Roger Hodgson playing only the larger venues - it's up to the passionate tribute bands such as Logicaltramp to keep these songs alive in a live context. And I have to say they did a superb job and I'd go and see them again tomorrow if I could. If they come near you, and you like the Supertramp catalogue then go and see them. You'll be surprised.

This is an excerpt ! Full article with pictures here...
Macwood Fleet (Cardiff, Wales)

Thanks so much for a fantastic concert in a really great venue. My wife daughter and I made a special visit in Barcelona (Jan. 21, 2017) just for one night from the UK just to see the band and it was certainly worth the long journey. Once again thanks for a great performance and I hope you play again soon (preferably in the north of England)
David, Harrogate (UK)

We had the pleasure of seeing the band in Liverpool and had a great night. Logicaltramp are a superb tribute band and well worth going to see!
Roger Hodgson Fan Club (UK)

Amazing performance! I never thought a band could make such an emotional rendition of Supertramp's beautiful songs. They did! They do! Thank you.
Mark (Northampton, UK)

Click to enlargeThanks so much for the wonderful show in Barcelona on Saturday night! (Jan.21, 2017). I saw Supertramp once and only once, back at BC Place Stadium in Vancouver in 1983 (Roger got booed by 70,000 people when he announced he was leaving the band!). Needless to say, you brought back a flood of memories! Thank you so much for the impeccable musicianship and the fully committed performances. And best of luck with the rest of your tour!...
Luke (Barcelona, Spain)

Congratulation on what was an absolute triumph of a concert on Friday evening (April 1st, 2016). This was the third time that we had seen you at The Brook, albeit a few years since the last one, and we thought that this was your best. Very polished indeed. In fact, we see some excellent tribute acts at The Brook, but we think that you are the best. The quality of the performances and the sound through was stunningly good. If we had to be slightly critical, we didn't think that Fools Overture was your best moment of the night but overall it was excellent. It is a slight shame that Supertramp for many, were one of the best kept secrets of the 1970's, so to speak, and in terms of tribute bands, you are also a slightly well kept secret. It would be great to get 400 people there and the night would really go off, but either way, we all went home very happy and very impressed indeed.
Kelvin (Southampton, UK)

Could not believe my luck in going to see you in concert at Worcester Huntingdon Hall on saturday 19th oct 2013 --- I occasionaly visit your web site to see if you are at a venue near me and happened to visit your site on the morning of the above concert (the first time for ages) and as it was only half an hours drive away I along with the Wife decided to go --- could not believe the coincidence especially as it was listed as your last concert of 2013-- Even on the journey there Iwas in two minds about going having been a Supertramp fan since 1976 and not sure if it would be a disapointment after seeing the real thing on many occasions -- Rest easy We were not disapointed in any shape or form infact were very impressed and the venue was great -- you even managed to send a tingle down my spine when performing crime of the century in the same way as Supertramp and if Ihad to pick an all time favourite Supertramp track it would have to be that one.
Could waffle on for ages about how good it was but basicaly whenever you tour the Worcester/stourbridge west midlands area you can count on 2 new Logicaltramp fans to be there,
Anthony Shaw (Halesowen, UK)

Click to enlargeHier je suis allé admirer le groupe Logicaltramp sur le port de Cassis, dans le 13, le 21/07/2012... Formidable groupe, plein d'élans, de talents de gentillesse et de simplicité. Ils sont vraiment au plus juste de Supertramp sans les copier, ce qui en fait leur grandeur. J'ai été étonné de leurs richesses et ressources musicales, ce n'est pas qu'un simple "tribute", non, loin de là, c'est ...un autre Supertramp qui passe très bien à en croire les applaudissements et le nombre de personnes présentes pour presque deux heures de concert non stop. Il y avait un grand mistral ce soir là, un mistral qui nous enlevait le son parfois. Je ne sais pas qui a eu "la bonne idée" de monter la scène au milieu d'un quai sur le port... mais ce ne fut pas malin du tout... De ce fait ils étaient à plus de 50 m de tout public. Ils n'ont pas démérité à jouer avec ces handicaps, au contraire, ils nous ont donné un magnifique concert malgré la distance et ce vent violent. Pour moi je reste sur ma faim de les admirer en salle. Allors mobilisons nous tous afin qu'ils viennent nous charmer à Paris bientôt
Jean-François (Grasse, FR)

Stunning! Hi Guys. Just wanted to say what a brilliant show you put on last night (Nov 11, 2011). I wasn't prepared for the levels of professionallism you guys showed throughout the night. By far the best "tribute" band I have had the pleasure of enjoying. Credit to you all and please be sure to visit the Brook again soon, I'll definately be bringing a handful more people with me next time. Til then keep Tramping,
Andy (Southampton, UK)

Click to enlargeJust like to say what a fantastic treat in the middle of my holiday in Houlgate, France (Aug.5, 2011). Little did you know that Supertramps number one fan would be there, obviously far too young like yourselves but grown up listening to my father playing Supertramp at home. Well you made my holiday guys and you also played my favourite Hide In Your Shell. Back home now in Sunny Stoke, told my dad all about you and we will be coming to Birkenhead in September (my dad can't wait, its a treat for his 70th Birthday) See you then.
Lesley (Stoke on Kent, UK)

Click to enlargeI was privileged to be at The Brook for your gig on Friday 25th March 2011, and what a fantastic night it was. Truly superb with both the music, especially the stand in drummer, and the vocals spot on. The last time I saw you guys was some maybe 3 years ago at Mr Kyps in Poole. I think it was one of your first or maybe the first gig that you had done. I really enjoyed that night, but since then you have moved into the Premier League. Thanks again for a great night and I can’t wait to see you again a.s.a.p
Brian (Southampton, UK)

Click to enlargeHey. another great gig at the Mathew street festival... Aug31, 2009. top form,reallyenjoyed it. your set was so professional and you got theapplause you deserved...
Chris (Liverpool, UK)

Thanks for a great show at the matthew street festival today - please come back again in the future (next year wouldn't be too soon!) - your enthusiasm was infectious & your performance was just what was needed for those of us who'd been standing up for several hours.
Nick (Liverpool, UK)

Hi I was at your gig in Shrewsbury on 23rd may 2009. I was really impressed at the sound and genuine feel of your show. It was a pleasure to watch, close my eyes occasionally and hear your excellent renditions of Tramp favourites. When are you touring in the north west?... I have never seen you on local events in the Liverpool/Manchester/Chester area?? Thanks for making my day. I travelled down from Chester (ok it was only an hour) to catch you and was impressed. perhaps I could be put on an e-mail list so that I get to know of any local gigs?
Chris (Chester, UK)

Just experienced the best night ever in Shrewsbury. It was the first time I saw you and I sincerely hope it won't be the last. Have you any gigs scheduled for the UK? Asked my brother to look you up in case you're playing Tunbridge Wells at any point in the future?
Christine Brant (Shrewsbury, UK)

Click to enlarge Caught the gig in Hamilton last night, Nov. 18, 2008. Awesome job! Nice to see an act that had as much fun as the audience. It stirred up lots of memories from the hazed over 70's. Please try to return here again. We'll be there again. Maybe catch the show in St. Catharines next week if we can. Thanks and welcome to Canada. Oh ya....the Rush intro before "Give a Little Bit" killed!
Greg Chiasson (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

Click to enlarge Guys! Don't let anyone tell you any different... You are superb and authentic! Even if Supertramp never tour again, it seems I can still get my fix! Tunbridge Wells loves you... everyone I spoke to was bowled over. All the favourites were in the set... not to mention a few surprises :-)  Real value for money show... Well done for having the bottle & dedication to do this. Hope you find your paradise...
Dave Ballantyne (Tunnbridge Wells, UK)

My wife and I came to see you at Tunbridge Wells on Thursday 4 December 2008 and we really enjoyed your performance - thank you all so much! We are great Supertramp fans and you really brought their music to life.
Marcus Granson (Tunnbridge Wells, UK)

Click to enlarge Hi Just to say that the Gig in Settle was superb, very special and nothing short of a Bloody Miracle!! Considering the tech problems, the band shone in the face of adversity and pulled out an emotional and heartfelt performance which went down a storm with the crowd. The night invoked a strange mixture of excitement and trepidation for the band knowing that the great man himself John Helliwell would be in the audience so they knew they had to impress. John, his family and fellow villagers looked on in awe as the band led us through the garden of Supertramp favourites but no-one could have predicted that John would have brought his Sax with him and indeed couldn't resist the opportunity to get up onstage to perform the Logical Song. What an absolute treat this gig was I don't think I will ever forget it, until perhaps next time!!!
Justin Epps (Manchester)

Just got back from your gig at Settle. It was an excellent night - You guys did a really good concert - As shown by the fact the audience wouldnt let you go home!!! Keep up the good work - look forward to seeing you again next time your touring
Ian Maddock (UK)

A fantastic night in Quay's Galway. A superb and brilliant performance by all the members all 'Logical Tramps'. Could I distinguish between you and Supertramp? Well, I could, but people in the crowd genuinely taught that they were at Supertramp concert and thats the truth. I have been to many Supertramp and R.H. concerts over the years and your show was as good as it gets. THANKS AGAIN FOR A GREAT NIGHT
Ciaran Nevin (Ireland)

Huge fan of band but never saw them live and a mate and I were unable to get to Roger Hodgson gig this summer. So when they announced this local gig we had to go. We were amazed how realistic this act is to achieve both of the distinctive vocals (Hodgson and Davies) and the music was spot on - as often occurs tribute bands sound better live than original bands CDs. Wish these guys luck on Canada tour and I will see them on their return and... they're keeping the great music alive, great sound, great show, great value for £ - over 2 hour show. Standing ovation - which is very rare at this venue!! Keep going guys. Highly recommended. Must cost a lot to feed & water 7 musicians so please support them!
Phil and Sheena (Northampton, UK)

Click to enlarge C'etait tout simplement génial..... un concert exceptionnel, des musiciens exceptionnels, et un chanteur ...extraordinaire! Incroyable soirée sur la place de Cambrai ce 20 juin 2009.
Stéphane (Cambrai, France)

'Brilliant' new Supertramp Tribute Band the 'Logical Tramps' are performing gigs right now in the UK. Lookout Irish & Dutch fans because they are heading your way too! The amazing sounds of 'Supertramp' are alive and kicking once more and you won't be disappointed! Last Thursday night's crowd at Mr Kyps' live music venue in Poole, Dorset, UK absolutely loved the Logical Tramps - The guys bought the house down. They really do deserve massive support from all you Supertramp fans out there!! They really are something special!
Supertramp Yahoo groups -

Just got home from your gig at Mr Kyps, Poole - Awesome !! What talent !! Supertramp played quite a few live gigs in the Poole Bournemouth area back in the 70's when they were playing the 'college' circuit. I missed all of them but tonite's gig from Logical Tramps went along way towards making up for that. I also bought 4 guests with me and they all thought you were fantastic too!!!!
Keep on doing it and please come back very soon... before you are too big to play small venues!! It happened to Supertramp and you deserve it too!
David (UK)

Click to enlarge Let me say that Supertramp members can be proud of you. Because, you play very well the songs of Supertramp, and it's so hard. It shows, that you are very good musicians. I listened your MP3, and I found them... Great, Fantastique, like we say in France!!! I'm very happy about the fact that musicans of quality have decided to tribute Supertramp, and their music. Congratulations for you work, you very great !!!!
Marc (France)

My name is Juan and live part in Cardiff and part in Terceira. It was a pleasure to see you live at Pico. You are very famous in Portugal. I am a hard Supertramp follower (from the begining with Palmer and Millar) and a professional pianist. Me and Carla came specialy from Terceira to see you. I was amazed to see your show. You were all fantastic. I was shoked that you did Downstream and Surely! Wow. I Click to enlargesaw Supertramp live back in the 80's and I admit that I was suspicious before the show but you convinced me that you are really the ultime tributo to Supertramp. You were perfect and magical. Your interpretations were exacte. I hope that you will play Asylum and Cannonball later. Will you be playing in Portugal and England again? I would love to come and see you again and maybe invite me and my wife to meet you? It would be an honor. I wish you a lot of success
Juan Julliannui (Azores)

Click to enlarge Saw you all at The Wharf, Tavistock last night August 28, 2009, and enjoyed a fantastic night of entertainment and musicianship. You all enjoy what you do. We spoke to you all afterwards and a real nice bunch of guys. Definitely come and see you again. If anyone out there loves Supertramp, a gig by these guys is like having Supertramp playing in your living room,...only louder! This is the closest you will get to the real thing...
Jude and Vanessa (Tavistock, UK)

Dan here, was your monitor engineer, just wanted to say how much i enjoyed your set, never really new many of supertramps numbers, but since working with you i Click to enlargehave lots of them on my play list. If your ever in need of kit or an engineer or both i'm based in SE london, reasonable rates, touring experience. Look forward to working with you again sometime.
Dan Whymark (UK) >

I just read some other tribute band calling themselves as the "Best tribute band in the world"... tsss .. rubbish. How dare they??? YOU probably ARE the best!.. but you don't pretend!!!... People should know. Your audience speaks for you!! You do a fantastic job really.
Paco (Spain)

Click to enlargeDe passage ce week-end à Barcelone, je suis tombé par hasard sur une affiche du groupe qui y jouait hier soir! J'ai eu de la chance de trouver de la place car le Palau était quasi plein, et j'ai vraiment passé une soirée fabuleuse! Le groupe est exceptionnel et sa façon d'interpréter les tubes de Supertramp est magique. Beaucoup d'émotion dans votre jeu. A bientôt en France j'espère. Je vais guetter vos dates...
Michel (Paris, FR)

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A mystical aura wrapped yesterday concert of @logicaltramp. Thanks for making me live this moment! - Lara Nyallibreria (Barcelona)

They are fantastic and sound quality is excellent. Great fun singing along. Will go and see them again. - Ian Winter (Worcester)

In Galway, Ireland....I had the pleasure! Great energy, great performances ....capturing the soul of Supertramp. Not surprised that they have won the support of the original band. Musician's musicians! - Eamonn Murray (Ireland)

Sensacional imitació del grup mític Supertramp a càrrec dels clònics logicaltramp, aquest dissabte al Palau de la Musica - Ricard Vinyals (Barcelona)

I'm a very picky music fan but I have to tell EVERYONE on this list (Supertramp Yahoo Groups) that this cover band is AWESOME! There are mp3 files on the site and I just got goosepimples listening to them...
- Anne Mc Lean - >> website

Great news about this band! Really hope you can get out touring in Holland. The band would go down great over here I think. Hope all is well with everything else you are doing. Love - Rosie (Holland) (she had everything planned!! ;-)

I just want to say that your work is fantastic. I love the way that you do Surely. Congratulations!!!! - Walter (Brazil) -

Una aura mística envolvió ayer el concierto de logicaltramp. ¡Gracias. - Promoconcert (Barcelona)

Really enjoyed your concert last night in Worcester (Oct 17, 2015). Faithful interpretation of Supertramp's hits. Next time you come back can we request 'Child of Vision' for it's superb layering of instrumentals.
- Michelle Allen (UK)

Fan de supertramp, merci pour ce que vous faites.. C'est agréable de savoir que des musiciens comme vous s'intéressent à ce groupe.... Bonne continuation - Jérôme (France)

Rudy was amazing, especially with the video. All my Supertramp albums have been out on the turntable today. Definitely see you again, hopefully with many more others! - Mike (UK) -

Awesome show! Amazing sound and so much talent... You really have got the sound bang on! Well worth the trip from Windsor... Seen supertramp many times and you guys were sooooooooo authentic! - Dave (UK)

Fantastic gig you were awesome. Can't wait to see you in March at Legends of Rock! - Jay (UK)

Just wanted to say I saw you at Shrewsbury in may 2009 and was very impressed with your performance. I was there mainly to see Talon along with a few other Talonettes as we are called. Was just wondering if you are planning any more UK dates as a few of us would love to see you again. Anyway once again thanks for a great performance at Shrewsbury... we actually think yours was the best performance but dont tell Talon lol. - Andy (UK)

Thank you for the show. I enjoyed it! Thanks to the Saxo for his humour!.. - Myriam (France)


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Hi I saw you guys for the first time at the brook earlier this year. Was amazed how good the show was so I will definitely be back on the 11th. Looking forward to it already.

Owen cox (03/11/2011)

Thank you ! We love playing at the Brook indeed!

top concert at pacific road !! some really excellent songs played, hard to tell the difference to the real thing !! need you back again soon...........

Andy C (19/09/2011)

Thanks !

Saw you at Pacific Rd last night. Brilliant !!! Just a shame there weren't more people there but it wasn't advertised that much locally. Please don't be put off by the small turn out. Would love to see you again. Will spread the word :-)

Debs (17/09/2011)

Thank you very much !

Hi Guys! When are you coming back to Ottawa?

Hugh (17/08/2011)

No plans for Canada at the moment. Sorry... but we'd love to play there sometime again. Ottawa was fantastic!

Hey guys. Saw you at the Mathew Street Festival in Liverpool a couple of years ago. I'm SO pleased you are returning and doing Pacific Road! I've never forgotten the performance you gave. Will be good to see you again.

Andy Meadows (11/08/2011)

Thank you ! See you there...

very nice concert in hougate this friday. Thank you very much. See you soon in Paris

sandra (07/08/2011)

Yes! See you in Paris ;-)

your concert last night at Houlgate was great ! Beautiful ! you are a very professional group and you had fun playing. thank you for this great time to be cheered up my holidays! Willy, you were awesome yesterday !

Nelly (06/08/2011)

Thank you! We had great time there too...

Hey Guys!! You were in Montreal Canada a while ago and gave a great show! We miss you!!! When are you coming back to Canada?

Chris (06/07/2011)

Thank you Chris! No plans yet unfortunately... We will let you know if another tour there is coming up. We really enjoyed playing in your country...

Le concert au Locle a été génial. Ecouter du Supertramp avec Logicaltramp c'est du pur bonheur. J'espère que vous reviendrez avec en plus le soleil...

Marina (05/07/2014)

Thank you!

I've been told that you could possibly come to Paris for a concert in 2012... I hope so, it would be great. I would love to listen to you live one day. A concert in my home town Caen (Calvados, 14) would be even better, of course. But Paris is not too far from Caen, so the capital would be OK for me, anyway.

Karine (25/05/2011)

Yes Karine. There is a possibility for us to play there. Targetting 500, we still need people to be listed for booking a decent venue in Paris!.. We need you all! Spread the word ;-) Register here! Thank you!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get some more UK dates booked - missing Supertramp's great music and songs that only you do so well

Christine Brant (13/05/2011)

Thank you! We will do our best...

Loved the intro of your concert!! Brilliant. Loved the outro too. Loved all of it actually LOL! You are simply awesome.

Liz (23/03/2011)

Thank you! We'd LOVE you to come again...

I live in Holland and many people i know would love to see Logical tramp here!. You would do great. Will you come to Netherlands sometime? That would be nice. Thank you

Brita (17/03/2011)

Thank you! It would be a pleasure to play In Holland.

What a great band! Keep up the good work and the good music alive!

Franck (21/02/2011)

Thank you Franck!

Quand revenez-vous jouer en France? Votre concert à Saint Tropez était super!

Patrick (07/02/2011)

Thank you! We will do a couple of gigs in France this year, starting this summer in Houlgate (Normandy). There is also a possibility for us to play in Paris. You should indicate your name in the Paris page for the promoter. Thank you!

We saw you in Ottawa. Any chance you will be returning this year? You were fantastic.

Cathy (21/01/2011)

Thank you Cathy. We have no plans yet to go back to Canada. Maybe next year?... Keep visiting the website for the news!

My Name is Elaine, I've Been a FAN of Supertramp since, SHHH 1976, Had ALL the Early Albums, I want to CON-GRADULATE You On your FANTASTIC sound ! am Now Collecting Albums on Cd, Since I da a "Roomie" who destoyed the first two, Got THEM !! Any Chance of a Picture with ALL Your Band Members?

Elaine (18/01/2011)

Thank you Elaine! Do not hesitate to ask us after a gig. We'll be happy to take a picture with you if possible.

Happy new year!! I was wondering if you intend to have a concert in the US, more specifically southern California, any time soon? That would be great. Thank you

Babak (03/01/11)

Happy new year to you too... We have no plans yet to play in US. We would love to play there sometimes though... Thank you!

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