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Gary's New album

Been a long time coming!
finally... Gary's new album Driven on distraction is out now. Available on
Amazon and Itunes.

Anthony's Picks

If you're close enough to the stage, maybe you will be given one of those beautiful picks by Anthony!

Photo Boy

Laurent, our saxophonist, is also fond of Photography. He always brings his camera with him when touring!... You can visit his virtual gallery here:
Click here...

Swiss Radio Interview

Our saxophonist Laurent Hunziker, joined a Tamas Csemeztalkshow on swiss national radio.
Shows of the Century

The band has played worldwide, from small clubs to arenas, with always the same pleasure and joy to be on stage! Check which venues the band has already performed in...

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Band members

Supertramp fan, Gary is a singer-songwriter who has released his own albums on iTunes, performed on radio, TV, and in major venues across Europe.

He fronted several other tribute shows including YYZ (Rush), the ELO Experience and the 70s Number Ones show and performs with many bands in UK.

Gary is a gifted multi-instrumentalist who plays keyboards, but also rhythm guitar and drums.

He steps into Rick Davies's shoes with Logicaltramp and plays ALL piano, synths & organ parts, and also some 12str. guitar when asked nicely.


Tamás Csemez - VOCALS
Born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, Tamás is a long-time fan of the classic rock bands of the 70s and a self-confessed prog aficionado.

He has fronted various rock/metal bands in Hungary and the UK, playing live all over Europe.

Tamas sings in several covers/tribute bands while also participating in numerous recording projects. His talent and high range voice let him sing Roger Hodgson's songs with his very own touch and style...



Simon Hitchenson - VOCALS / 12str.GT

Seen all over the UK and Europe, Simon’s solo shows combine expert guitar playing, his highly versatile and powerful vocals, his engaging stage-presence and his boundless energy. Simon also plays acoustic guitar and loves, with his other projects, play beat-boxing and live-loops (think Ed Sheeran on blue Smarties).

Supertramp fan for years, his wide vocal range allow him to fit into Roger Hodgson's habits with ease and passion. Shut your eyes and you can almost hear the real thing!

Living in London, Simon can also be found fronting one of the UKs most popular wedding and party bands: The Lowdown Band.


Anthony Clayton - GUITAR
Settled in London for many years, Anthony spends his time practising, writing and teaching guitar & music in London.

His electric guitar always electrifies Supertramp tracks, especially the solos, and recreates the magic of Roger Hogdson parts.

Anthony also had the chance to spend some time practising guitar with Carl Verheyen himself and always find time to meet him when he's in town!

Laurent Hunziker - SAX / HARMONICA
Playing 3 saxophones (soprano, alto and tenor) and also harmonica on our shows, Laurent had the great honor to play with Supertramp as a guest during 2002 tour in Paris Bercy!
John Helliwell, his friend for many years now, even passed him the old famous tenor sax he was playing since the beginning of Supertramp, the one you can listen & see on most videos of Supertramp among the years! (yes, the one that used to be black in the 70's...). The whistle you can hear on Logical song is also the genuine siren used by Supertramp on record and tours and given to Laurent by John... and, cherry on the cake, his stage microphone is the genuine microphone John used to have on stage with Supertramp for many tours...

Laurent played with numerous bands like Transit, Grupo salsa KFE, Tiptop, Funkateers, afro-jazz vocalist Gino Sitson and many other artists in France and abroad. He joined from times to times british progrock Landmarq on live performances in UK and played on their album Entertaining angels.

At the moment as well on the Acid-Jazz scene with bands like The Groov'gang or La Kolonelle and other live projects, he's also doing session recordings for other artists.

Born in Montreal, Canada, Alex R. Kundig and his family moved to Lausanne, Switzerland, when he was ten years old to accommodate his father's job.

As a child, Alex would peck out familiar melodies on his piano toy. Music filled the home as his father would play some jazz and popular records on his record player. When Alex was 15, he started playing the classic guitar. At age 16, he switched to piano, and at 18, inspired by his older brother who was playing drums, started learning bass guitar under Dusan Roch (Phil Collins), Jean-Yves Petiot (Memorial Swing Quartet), Michel Donato (Oscar Peterson) and John McKenzie (Eurythmics, George Michael).

One of his greatest musical influences was to learn and perform various styles of music under Songwriter Pat Sefolosha (Carlos Santana) before leaving for Canada in 2006.

A highly talented Musician with years of experience in entertaining live audiences in nightclubs, concert halls, and theaters featuring musical theater, music festivals, live radio and dance; Deep background in playing for live audiences, music arrangements, recording and production studios.

Adam Aggiss - DRUMS
Seasoned professional, Adam has plied his trade all over Europe including appearances at ‘The Glastonbury Festival’ as well as other major European events.

As for TV work he was featured on BBC1's Arena documentary ‘Into The Limelight’ (about tribute bands) in addition to several other shows and events.

His musical credits include highly successful tribute acts like Pink Fraud, Robbing Williams, The Police Academy and The Briefcase Blues Brothers.

Outside of the tribute circuit he has worked with original artistes on live, studio and session projects, not to mention theatrical productions including Tapdogs.



Josh Darby - DRUMS
Hailing from Peterborough, Josh was heavily influenced from an early age by classic rock bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac and The Rolling Stones.

Josh started playing drums at the age of 14 years old, after seeing all of his friends start picking up the guitar and wanting to try something different (and bulkier). After a few years and a brief stint in small Pink Floyd tribute band he then moved to London from in 2011 to study a Bachelor of music degree at BIMM London and to explore the London music scene. He joined Logicaltramp in 2023.

Since then, he has played and recorded for many difference artists such as Iceberg, Bryden, Goldhope, The Violet Kings and many more.


Next show
St.Mary M.

Band's Overture

Based in London, the band is made up of a varied pool of talented professional musicians who have been fortunate enough to have performed around the world as session players or as original artistes in their own right.

All huge fans of Supertramp, they have joined together to perform the greatest hits of Supertramp with the sense of fun, dedication and accuracy that only a true fan can muster !...

Come see them live to experience the fun, pleasure and memories that they evoke with this amazing music.

A piece of History
Click to enlarge! The genuine sax microphone used on stage by Supertramp for many years and now with Logicaltramp (on some occasions...) You can still see the word "sax" written by Supertramp sound engineer during their 1979 tour... (A beautiful gift from John Helliwell)

Radio Interview

Anthony Clayton
, our guitarist, interviewed by Geoff Dorsett in october 2010

Click to enlarge!

At the Baked Potato club in Los Angeles (USA), Carl Verheyen invited Laurent to join on stage for a couple of songs... One was a special version of Bloody Well Right rearranged for Carl Verheyen band.

Anthony's Music

Have a listen to our guitarist Anthony Clayton's latest productions... Click here to access his shop!

Thank You!


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Paul Wakefield / Fabio Nicoli
(album "Crime of the century")