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- Review by Brett Callwood -

Porto News

Newspaper"The Logical Tramps - Supertramp tribute" - not a simple concert but a very well oiled touring machine with original films and elaborate lights – that’s been filling venues during it's world tour like the Alfandega venue in Porto yesterday. A spectacular revival of all the classics from the famous British band born in 1969...

Portuguese National Press

Rock Magazine

Tribute bands are deliberately not a regular feature of this column, but Logicaltramp (predictably a Supertramp tribute act) deserve a mention. Their four-track promo features a robust verion of the 'Logical Song' plus 'Dreamer', 'Bloody well right' and 'Surely' -suggesting the Tramps should be entertaining live. Visit their website and watch out for gigs!

- Review by Nick Shilton -

Audience Reviews
See what people who’ve come to a Logicaltramp show think of us!... Also some handwritten words from Supertramp members...

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Palau de la Musica Catalana (Spain)
> DirtyRock  (Barcelona, MAR 29th, 2018)

Palau de la musica, March 27, 2018.Logicaltramp or the eternal nostalgia of the songs of Rick Davies & Roger Hodgson.

As "The Logical Song" is one of the best-known Supertramp songs, it is obvious that more than one tribute band uses their title to be baptized. While in Spain we have the Logical Group, Logicaltramp has just visited us from United Kingdom. Their recent concert at the Palau de la Música Catalana on March 27 almost reproduced the famous recital that Rick Davies, Roger Hodgson and the band offered in 1979 and materialized in his well-known double live album. One singer fighting against cancer and the second touring on his own, the possibility of making peace has become difficult and seeing them together on a stage is an utopia

For that reason, the followers of the "Even In The Quietest Moment" (1977) architects, filled the beautiful modernist building of Lluís Domènech i Muntaner. The desire was to relive the impossible just by closing the eyes and believing that this was that formation which swept in the seventies through an ingenious mix of progressive Rock and Pop

In that aspect, the young Bulgarian Tamás Csemez embroidered Hodgson's voice from the very first note with his characteristic falsetto. Especially emotional in "Take The Long Way Home", "Hide In Your Shell" and "Fool's Overture", where the saxophonist Laurent Hunziker, founder of the combo, showed why he has the admiration of John Helliwell himself. Sublime.

The same can be said about Gary Hopkins, who played the role of Davies in charge of one of the keyboards. Tremendous in the energetic "Bloody Well Right" and "Rudy", two examples of the most rhythmic side of the Supertramp legacy that allowed guitarist Anthony Clayton and the second keyboard player, Serge Sainte Rose, to shine. If we had to summarize in a single word the contribution of each and every one of the musicians, the most precise adjective would be impeccable.

In short, and with a perfect rhythmic base formed by bassist Alex Kundig and a precise Grant Wildy on drums, we witnessed a nostalgic journey in time that fueled the current controversy about the relevance or not of this kind of formations.

There is no doubt that the fans enjoyed the beautiful show. Personally, I would have liked changes in the script - why not some theme of the years in which Roger was no longer in the group? - or arrangements other than the original cuts. In two words, different versions, more groundbreaking and not perfect reproductions. Anyway, let's park the debate for a better moment, make a mute for the forum and conclude that these songs were written to be eternal. Pure logic.


(Translated from spanish. Original article here...)

Zénith de Pau (France).
> La République des Pyrénées  (SEP 10th, 2021)

Zénith de Pau - Sep 10, 2021« Faithful to the masters work»... LogicalTramp started with School, before playing all the greatest hits of Roger Hodgson's band. Bluffing! It was all there: The guitar solo on Goodbye Stranger, the saxophone on Logical Song and an impeccable piano set on the faithful finale with Crime of the Century.

Vocals level: we are on excellence. On the public side, during break, satisfaction is shown. Bertrand and Jérôme, two citizen from Pau who have seen the real ones, say they are very pleasantly surprised, having had the impression that it really was Supertramp on the stage: The work of the masters is respected! ...

FRANCIS LARRIEU, La République des Pyrénées-

(Translated from french. Original article here...)

Huntingdon Hall, Worcester (England).
> Radio Choice Worcester  (NOV 12th, 2017)

Huntingdon Hall - Nov 11, 2017When it comes to bands from the 70's with lasting appeal, Supertramp is high on the list but whilst the band itself may no longer be around, their spirit lives on in the form of Logicaltramp who appeared to a hugely appreciative audience at the Hall tonight.

All the hits were there - The Logical song, Dreamer, Breakfast in America, Goodbye stranger and many more, including some of their longer pieces and lesser known songs, brought to life by a talented bunch of 7 musicians fronted by the excellent vocals of Hungarian Tamás Csemez and Gary Hopkins, with the essential saxophone and harmonica from Laurent Hunziker, ably assisted by Anthony Clayton and Alex Kundig on guitars, Serge Sainte Rose on piano and keyboards and Adam Aggiss on drums - a great mix of talented musicians who worked well together to bring that very particular Supertramp sound to life.

With a brilliant double encore of Give A Little Bit and Crime Of The Century, this was an evening of truly classic rock which left the audience wanting more...

Festival Promos (Switzerland)
> L'Impartial (Switzerland)  (JULY 4th, 2014) -TRANSLATED FROM FRENCH-

Tamas CsemezPROMOS IN LE LOCLE : About to release an album featuring rare songs of the mythical band, the british band will be playing on the main stage at midnight.

We are meeting Laurent Hunziker, who normally lives in Paris, at the café-terrasse of Locle's Casino under a bright sunshine. He didn't melt, despite our delay due to usual city traffic lanes during this special week-end, the one of the famous "Promos". He knows the town as he's coming twice a year to visit his cousin here. Tonight, about midnight he will be playing on the festival's main stage, with the saxophone offered by Supertramp's John Helliwell himself.

«At my side will stand my six musician mates with whom i share for about ten years now the Supertramp universe. On tour we play the big hits like 'Dreamer', 'Give a Little Bit', 'The Logical Song', 'Goodbye Stranger' and 'Breakfast in America'. Together we formed the band Logicaltramp...»

The band features vocalist/keyboardist Gary Hopkins, Tamàs Csemez, who sings the parts of Supertramp's Roger Hodgson. «On guitar, we have Anthony Clayton. Matt Love - his real name! - plays the bass. Serge Sainte Rose is our pianist; Adam Aggiss, our drummer. They all come from London, apart from me as a French-Swiss citizen. We all met thanks to Supertramp, sharing for some of us a friendship with original members».

Passion first: All copyrights are going to Supertramp. «We go touring and playing concerts mostly for the pleasure of it! Most of us are music teachers and make a living with music. Today will be our first show in Switzerland».

It is after meeting John Helliwell, Supertramp saxophonist, in a Parisian subway, that Laurent became his friend. «In the French capital, i didn't dare talk to him that day. I talked about this with my swiss cousin who said i should write to him. Which i did. Not sending a letter to the offices in Los Angeles, but rather at the Philharmonic orchestra he was playing with at that time. He replied with a long message.» Epistolary friend at start, then genuine friend, John invited him later on to join Supertramp on stage one night. «And there i met some of the guys i'm playing with tonight in Le Locle. Finger crossed that the rain will just fall gently during the concert to cool down the audience

- Review by: Sylvia Freda-

Logicaltramp, Pacific Road, Arts Centre, Birkenhead.
> The Liverpool Student Media  (SEPT. 16th, 2011)

Tamas CsemezThe music of Supertramp can easily send shivers down the spine of their fans, from classics such as Goodbye Stranger to the dramatic and sensual Lord is it Mine?, the band have long been touted as one of the finest examples of British music from the last 50 years.

It is strange and surprising that even though the band rarely tour and Roger Hodgson has never been so popular with his touring that there are so few musicians who seem willing to take on the music and forever remind audiences how good the band’s sound is live.

In Logical Tramp, the band lives on and with some great energy and spirit thrown in for good measure. There were genuine moments of pure delight for the fans that turned up in their droves and when the lights finally went up at the end of the night, the look on the faces of those who had kicked off their weekend in style said it all; they had not been let down one bit.

From almost every era of the bands history, Gary Hopkins, Laurent Hunziker, Anthony Clayton, Serge Saint Rose, Grant Wildy and the very impressive Matt Love, thrilled the audience with renditions of songs such as Breakfast in America, Bloody Well Right, Hide in Your Shell and the Progressive stylings of Fools Overture.

Every song was greeted wildly and by an audience that didn’t stop singing along with the band all evening. Even on some of the more demanding of songs such as Its Raining Again and Rudy it was evident that everyone was having a good time.

Tamas CsemezLogical Tramp were joined on stage by vocalist and fellow Supertramp fan Tamas Csemez for the show at the Pacific Road as usual mainstay Willy Norton was indisposed for the evening, however in Tamas, the band were as superb and technically perfect as it was possible to get. Tamas’s voice was a joy to hear and it blended well with Gary Hopkins whose position within the band was take on the voice and words of Rick Davies. In this, the two men succeeded beyond measure and it’s a shame in a way that they don’t perform together all the time.

There are some bands that just shouldn’t be allowed to be forgotten by time or the fickle nature of music trends and in Logical Tramp interpretation of classic British band Supertramp, there is hope that this is so.

- Review by: Ian D. Hall -

Logicaltramp réunit 3000 personnes à Houlgate!
> Ouest-France (AUGUST 5th, 2011)

En attendant la rentrée possible sur une grande scène parisienne, en 2012, c'est en avant-première, que s'est produit vendredi soir : « Logicaltramp, The Spirit of Supertramp » un groupe venu de Londres qui interprète le répertoire intemporel de Supertramp.

Bien avant 21 h, et le début du concert, 3 000 personnes se sont massées derrière les barrières de sécurité pour un retour exceptionnel aux années 70. En majorité, des quadras et quinquagénaires, prêts à retrouver leurs vingt ans.

Sur la scène : William Norton, le chanteur et le guitariste-chanteur Gary Hopkins sont dans le tempo. Les décibels résonnent, les tubes s'enchaînent : « The Logical Song », « Dreamer », « Breakfast in America », « Goodbye Stranger »...

Au pied du podium, les fans reprennent les refrains, les mains s'élèvent au-dessus des têtes, l'ambiance est bon enfant. Dans la foule, Hubert, musicien à ses heures, les « trouvent bon. Ils assurent », dit-il en connaisseur. Les applaudissements nourris semblent lui donner raison. Un peu plus loin, une femme qui n'arrête pas de danser assure « revivre ma jeunesse. C'est vraiment super d'organiser un tel concert gratuit, et en plus, ce soir il fait bon.»

- Review by OUEST-FRANCE Newspaper -

Tribute act pays homage to British super-band
> The Mississauga News - Ontario, Canada  (NOV 13th, 2008)

While Mississauga residents shouldn't expect British prog-rock band Supertramp to venture into town anytime soon, fans of the band can check out arguably the next closest thing later this month. Logicaltramp, a seven-piece tribute band to Supertramp, comes to the Living Arts Centre's Hammerson Hall on Nov. 27. It's part of the band's first tour of Canada, which includes stops in Hamilton (Nov. 18), Belleville (Nov. 21), Montreal (Nov. 22), Brampton's Rose Theatre (Nov. 23), Ottawa (Nov. 24), Oshawa (Nov. 25), St. Catharines (Nov. 26) and Markham (Nov. 28).

Reached by phone at his suburban London flat, Logicaltramp vocalist Willy Norton told The News the act formed in 2004 out of a love of the original band. A deep and abiding admiration for Supertramp's music shines through via the tribute act at each live performance, he said. "We're very respectful of Supertramp; the glory and the spoils belong to them," he said. "After all, it's their songs. We're just performing them. We try to get our sound as close to the original as we can," he continued. "Truthfully, you can't fail with most of these songs. They're timeless."

Over the course of its career, Supertramp recorded and released a slew of hits including Dreamer, Bloody Well Right, Breakfast in America, The Logical Song and It's Raining Again, just to name a few. While all the big hits will be brought out at the live show, some of the lesser known songs will make the grade as well. For example, Surely – the first song off the band's first album – will be performed as will songs such as Rudy and Fool's Overture. The band typically sticks to the songs off the albums between their self-titled debut and 1985's Brother Where You Bound.

"Believe me, it's not going to be a willfully obscure show; essentially it's the greatest hits and then some," said Norton.

At the performances, Norton sings the vocal parts of Roger Hodgson while Gary Hopkins covers the work of Rick Davies. The live performance will also incorporate video screens and a light show.

While Norton said he's an enormous fan of the band, it was the tribute act's saxophonist Laurent Hunziker who helped bring it all together. After he was invited by Supertramp to accompany the band on a couple tunes during a live performance, Hunziker set about forming the tribute act. And, if any of the band's musicians start to go off in wild directions, Hunziker is there to reel them back in. "He's the guy who, if I sing a little too heavy metal, just looks at me and says, 'Supertramp wouldn't have sung it like that,'" said Norton, with a laugh...

- Review by: Chris Clay -

Logicaltramp on Classic Rock
> page 17 of Classic Rock Magazine  (JAN. 2008)

Supertramp may not be the coolest band in the world [No shit! Ed], but it's hard not to sing along when Logical Song or Dreamer comes on the radio. They're infectious. And that is something that acclaimed tribute band Logicaltramp have latched onto Having received the blessing of many members of Supertramp, Logicaltramp have been wowing audiences around the country while the real band remain on sabbatical. Vocalist told us more.

CR: How did you start doing this?

The band started as a result of Laurent Hunziker who's a French saxophonist and sort of the band leader. He's very good friends with John Helliwell, who's the saxophonist with Supertramp. Laurent was invited up to play with Supertramp at a stadium in Paris. He came off stage and decided to form a tribute band. I'm a jobbing singer and I auditioned.

CR: Do you concentrate on a specific era or album, or do you play a 'greatest hits' set?

We do all eras, we do songs from every album and we chuck in B-sides and things. Really, people want to hear the big hits People are often embarrassed to admit that they like Supertramp.

CR: Do you dress up and do the lookalike thing?

No, we hate all that. No disrespect to all the people that put in the massive amount of work required to do that. Supertramp were never about the visuals. They looked like mechanics, like they'd come out of a thrift store. You don't have Slash's top hat or Freddie's yellow jacket.

CR: Do any of Supertramp know of you, apart from John Helliwell?

Apart from Rick Davies, who lives in LA, I think they all know of us. We've had a fantastic reaction. Laurent knows Roger Hodgson well so they're aware of us We're respectful to the music, and we make it clear that we, as musicians, want to play these wonderful songs because you won't have heard them live for a while.

- Review by: Brett Ammo-

Gig at the Alfandega do Porto - Congress Hall of Porto - Portugal  (MARCH 18th, 2006)

Last Saturday, Logicaltramp played for the first time outside of England, Porto (Portugal). The concert began +/- one hour late, don't know why and I didn't care. The stage with the lights off, is very simple, but very efficient when they're on, they used the screen behind the drums where they run some pictures in some songs and a video on crime of the century, very similar to Supertramp. They started with "School" and played all the songs that the audience wanted to hear, and it was good to hear some hits at the beginning of the concert, we didn't have to wait to the end to hear "Bloody Well Right", (Yair Schleider was fantastic at the organ) or "It's Raining Again". Here's the song list, and what a list!!!:

1. School
2. Ain't Nobody But Me
3. Breakfast in America
4. Take the Long way Home (Anthony played guitar in the harmonica parts, surprised me, but sounded very good)
5. Cannonball (a great surprise!!)
6. It's Raining Again (William came from the middle of the audience with the umbrella, of course we all knew the next song would be it's raining again)
7. Bloody Well Right
8. Hide In Your Shell (Fantastic, they all sang the choir at the end)
9. Surely (a great piano version)
10. Dreamer
11. Goodbye Stranger (congratulations to Anthony, what a solo guitar, fantastic...)
12. From now on (Gary sing the Rick Davies songs, but in this one he made it very good)
13. You started laughing (Laurent made me forgotten John Helliwell in this one)
14. Rudy (for me this was the song of the evening, very powerful and very well performed, with great lights)
15. The Logical Song
16. Give a little Bit
17. Lord is it Mine (another surprise, very well performed)
18. Crime of the Century (the concert has to end with this one, it's traditional like William said).

The Alfandega, Portugal, Mar. 2006Almost 2 hours of excellent music played by great musicians. And remember this is very probably the only way you will year many songs like Dreamer, Lord is it Mine, Hide in Your Shell, etc, played by a band.

After the concert, me, SuperCarlos and Joaquim, went to one room to meet them, and I must say they are very nice people, I had a little conversation with everyone, and was nice to see the jacket full of logos from Supertramp albums that Laurent dresses in concerts and more important I put my fingers in the The Alfandega, Portugal, Mar. 2006saxophone that belonged to John Helliwell ;-).

If you are a Supertramp fan, I "order" you to go to a concert, you won't regret.

- Review by: Flavio Castro -

Gig at Grove Theater - Dunstable -  (MARCH 13th. 2010)

Crime of the Century that more didn't attend tribute to 1970s prog-rockers.

YOU have to feel sympathy for some of the acts that appear at The Grove. They drag their bones around the country, win critical acclaim from thousands of fans, give up a day rehearsing and making last minute changes to their act – and go on to a near empty auditorium. There were so few people at the venue on Saturday night for The Spirit of Supertramp as performed by Logicaltramp (a mammoth mouthful of a title) that we could have all fitted into the performance space of the local pub.

But that didn't stop the seven-piece band led by charismatic and energetic singer Willy Norton from putting their heart and soul into the show.

Those under 30 have probably never heard of the 1970s British prog-rock band, Supertramp, and no doubt think that us old duffers are getting them mixed up with Supergrass. But mention Dreamer, Goodbye Stranger, The Logical Song or Breakfast in America to anyone middle-aged and we become misty eyed for a time when music carried you away with lengthy concept pieces, arty album covers, long hair and falsetto voices.

Logicaltramp aren't, as Norton says, "a bunch of impersonators" but an international group of talented London-based musicians who love the unique sound of Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies' Supertramp. In fact Norton and co probably weren't even born when the group first came to prominence with albums like Supertramp, Crime of the Century, Crisis? What Crisis? and Even In The Quietest Moments.

But that didn't stop them coming up with a power-packed and entertaining show that covered pretty much every hit, and a few of the more obscure songs, that the band achieved.

Norton's voice was indecently high, his harmonica-playing perfect and he even threw in a cheek solo. In-between singing he bounded around the stage hot-wired to the music. His fellow musicians, including French sax player Laurent Hunziker, guitarist Tony Clayton, Caribbean-born keyboard player Serge Saint Rose, Grant Wildy on drums and Gary Hopkins sharing vocals and keyboard duties, were given their moments to shine through a back catalogue that featured School, Bloody Well Right, It's Raining Again, Goodbye Stranger and Lady.

The show finished with an impressive if somewhat muted finale. The ambitious, stylised and lengthy Fool's Overture featured guest appearances (via back projection) from Hitler, Churchill, and the entire war-time armies of Russia, Britain and Germany but it seemed a strangely weak choice for a last piece... Good then that the lads came back for an encore and ended, as Supertramp always completed their sets, with Crime of the Century.

Logicaltramp deserved (Bloody Well Right) more than 380 punters and let's hope that it doesn't put them off a return gig.

- Review by: Anne Coxx, Leighton Buzzard Observer -

Gigi at palau de la Musica - Barcelona, Spain (JAN.21, 2017)

Logicaltramp nos muestra su interpretación de las canciones más vendidas del legendario grupo Supertramp, como Dreamer, Give a Little Bit, The Logical Song and Breakfast in America, en un concierto único.

El 23 de diciembre estará en el Teatro Nuevo Apolo de Madrid y el 21 de enero en el Palau de la Música de Barcelona, este grupo que trae el espíritu de Supertramp con los mundialmente famosos clásicos de rock que tanto éxito tuvieron y que nos harán revivir aquellos años dorados. Seguro que aún silbas de vez de en cuando alguna de estas canciones.

El concierto, que dura 2 horas, incluye los grandes éxitos, canciones épicas de sus discos y también algunas rarezas musicales para los muy fans, en un homenaje apasionado a las composiciones de Rick Davies y Roger Hodgson. Respaldados y animados por los miembros de Supertramp, grupo que se formó en 1969, estos talentosos músicos han tocado en la actualidad para miles de espectadores por todo Reino Unido y Europa, y han sido muy bien valorados por los críticos internacionales. Aprovecha esta oportunidad para disfrutar de la emocionante recreación del sonido clásico de Supertramp, no hacerlo sería el “crimen del siglo” (“Crime of the Century”).

Gig at Mr.Kyps - Poole - Dorset  (JULY 15th. 2004)

SUPER (LOGICAL) TRAMP (S) !!! It's been nearly 30 years since the real SUPERTRAMP played Poole - Yes believe it or not they did (just around the corner at the bottom of North Road)! It was the days when the lads played the college circuit! Last night tribute band 'LOGICAL TRAMPS' rolled back the years with two totally amazing sets packed with the unique sounds that made the original band one of the all time SUPERGROUPS. Is it perhaps the 'Crime of the Century' that SUPERTRAMP hasn’t performed together since 2002? While their army of fans across the world is left to hope and pray, last night the LOGICAL TRAMPS proved they can fill that void with excellence!

An enthusiastic Thursday night crowd at Mr Kyps took to the band from the word go. Rapturous applause followed the opening number a rousing rendition of 'Dreamer'. From that moment the crowd were hooked and literally reeled in as the band performed OUTSTANDING covers of the unique SUPERTRAMP sound. Then they just got better and better as the night wore on. How good were they? Well, put it this way - I had to keep reminding myself that this was not the real thing! The Logical Tramps did absolute justice to some of the biggest numbers in the SUPERTRAMP repertoire - Bloody Well Right, School, Goodbye Stranger, Take the Long Way Home, Give A Little Bit, Breakfast in America. These were just a few of the great memories that rocked the house last night. If you weren't a clued up SUPERTRAMP fan you possibly wouldn't recognise many of the numbers by title (it's all part of the mystery you know) but it was fun watching people experience that 'ah ha' moment when their faces lit up in recognition. The highlight of the night? Very difficult to say ... for me, possibly the jaw dropping rendition of 'Rudi'? But to pick any particular song is almost an injustice to the rest!

The talent on stage last night was exceptional. Keyboards wizard (no exaggeration) G.Carrera and sax player L.Hunziker are both good friends with SUPERTRAMP'S long time sax player, John Helliwell. Such is John's regard for Laurent's playing that he invited him to play live with SUPERTRAMP in Paris on their 2002 tour - From last nights performance is there any wonder? Awesome sax! Anthony Clayton's guitar solos were mesmerising. Bass guitarist combined beautifully with lead vocalist William Norton to re-create that unique SUPERTRAMP vocal sound. All this was backed up by some great drumming from Philip Moss. If you missed last night you missed something very very special! Lets hope Kyp brings this fantastic band back in double quick time - I can imagine that when word gets out it will be a sell out! Still need convincing? Here's what members of the real SUPERTRAMP have to say. "I want to hear this band live" (John Helliwell - sax). "We are all very honoured having such fine musicians playing these songs" (Carl Verheyen - guitars). "You guys sound good" (Roger Hodgson (Singer / Composer) - All I can add to that is..."Bloody Well Right"!!!

- Review by: Dave Downing -

2nd Gig at Mr.Kyps - Poole - Dorset  (NOV. 21st. 2004)

“The actors and jesters are here. The stage is in darkness and clear. For raising the curtain and no-one’s quite certain whose play it is”?…

Click to enlarge...but then, Logicaltramp announced themselves on stage to thunderous applause with ‘Aint Nobody But Me’. Next came ‘Breakfast In America’ and ‘Bloody Well Right’ which got the audience singing and ‘Its Raining Again’ – which is not a personal favourite but popular with the light core fans. ‘You Started Laughing’ – a rare treat for the hard core fans as was ‘Surely’ a beautiful song, sang superbly!!! ‘Give A Little Bit’ and 'From Now On’ from Even In The Quietest Moments – a gentle reminder to the band on that – was sang authentically and the humour of the band shone through which make them very amiable. I felt there was genuine affection towards the band and audience – both for the music and each other. The band clearly enjoy what they do which is infectious. I could see big cheesy grins everywhere, including me.

It was a wonderful night. The best moment for me was ‘Goodbye Stranger’ – not generally a personal favourite but the instrumental blew me away. I felt myself shaking my head in total gobsmacking amazement at the authenticity and the vibe from everyone. By the end, the audience were foot stomping, clapping and cheering for an encore which they obliged with ‘Hide In Your Shell’. I was left feeling… ”oh no, please no, don’t let the curtain fall”. I can’t wait for the next gig!!

- Review by: Teressa Harris -


Logicaltramp returned to Mr Kyps (Poole) last Sunday. Word had spread and a large Sunday night crowd waited with excited anticipation for the band's first return gig, having played Kyps back in the summer (amazingly their inaugural live performance).

This time around the guys even surpassed their first impressive performance, probably due to the fact they now had their 2004 UK tour behind them - They were even slicker than before and just looked really comfortable working together, a delight to watch. It was good to see Supertramp's trademark props starting to creep in eg the whistle during the 'Logical Song'. Will we soon be seeing the 'saw' being played during 'Hide in your Shell' ? .Now there's a challenge!

Click to enlargeTalking of 'Shell' - We didn't hear it in the summer but this time round it made for a delightful encore. Great that 'From Now On' has also been added to the play list of all-time Supertramp classics. Yet again it's difficult to pick a highlight - there was so many. Last time 'Rudi' did it for me and this time it did it again. This was another amazing performance from a fantastically talented band. every one of them! It's being said wherever they play. Logicaltramp do absolute justice to the legendary Supertramp sound.

All that remains to be said is - When are they coming back again Kyp - It can't be too soon!

- Review by: Dave Downing -

Gig at Llanhillhet - South Wales (JULY 23rd. 2004)

I must say that I approached the gig in South Wales with a mixture of excitement and foreboding. Having been a big fan of Supertramp since 1974, and being a bit of a pureist I hoped upon hope that I wasnt going to witness a bunch of muzos stumbling their way through a set of Supertramps greatest hits hoping to make a fast buck.

Well Im very pleased to announce that the lads were absolutely tremendous. From the moment they struck up the chords to the opening song, I got a warm fuzzy feeling, the sort of feeling you get when you know that you are in for a treat. I looked across the table at friends and family who were looking back at me. They knew that I would approve. How could I not approve when the Tramps sounded so good.

This is a very brave and ambitious project. Its no coincidence that its taken nearly 25 years since Supertramps 'peak' for an outfit to have a serious stab at recreating the music of Supertramp. Whilst they may sound simple, Supertramp songs are difficult and complex to reproduce, even more so live!!!!. Supertramp were/are renowned as a tight outfit with quality production both live and recorded. These lads kept it tight and succeeded in recreating the sound and atmosphere of a Supertramp gig.

The lads have the potential to entertain the world with this project. If you have a chance to see them dont miss out. Due to a change of venue at very short notice (not the bands fault I understand) the crowd wasn't as big as I had hoped. Nevertheless, what we lost in numbers, we made up in enthusiasm, so much so that the band did 3, yes 3 encores. They certainly looked as if they enjoyed it. We certainly did. I cant help thinking how utterly brilliant it would have been with a full venue.

One last thing, and apologies to the rest of the band for singling out Laurent on saxophone. Close your eyes, and he is.... Mr Helliwell. As the song sort of goes: When they're up on the stage they''re so unbelieveable, oh unforgettable, how we adored them. Well done fellas B..B...B..B...B..BLOODY MARVELLOUS!!!

- Review by Ian Wales UK -

Interview with Tamas Csemez
> New Express Brno (Czech republic)  (March 2018)

Huntingdon Hall - Nov 11, 2017

Do you remember the greatest glory of the Supertramp in the 1970s?
Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I’m not old enough to have been around in the 70s – I remember seeing The Logical Song on TV a lot when I was growing up, I always liked that and the other hits but I didn’t properly discover the music of Supertramp until about 10-12 years ago, so it was a great pleasure to get the chance a few years later to play that music with a band that does it so well.

The Logicaltramp band is a tribute band founded by John Helliwell. Why is he not currently a band member?
There is a little misunderstanding here it seems – John Helliwell didn’t start the band and was never a member (he had the real Supertramp to play with ??).
The band was founded by fans who first met backstage at a Supertramp gig in Hyde Park in London in 2002, John Helliwell did set things in motion by introducing them to each other.
Our saxophone player Laurent is a good friend of John and he has been very supportive of us, he did a very nice promo and even joined the band on stage a few years ago

How did you get as a singer to Logicaltramp?
I met a couple of the guys through other bands playing around London so when they needed someone to step in when their previous singer was unavailable for gigs they asked me to give it a go. I had a lot of fun doing those first couple of gigs so when the opportunity came up six years ago to join as a permanent member I was very happy to do it

Is it possible to say that you have taken over the role of Roger Hodgson in Logicaltramp?
I wouldn’t quite put it that way. One, Roger of course plays guitar and keyboards as well, those duties are handled by other members of our band and I focus only on the singing. I’m just privileged to sing all the great songs he wrote, many of them are very personal and emotional so it is quite a powerful experience

You are coming to Brno for the first time. What are your expectations? What are you looking forward to?
It’s always great to visit new places. We hope to have a bit of time before the gig to do some sightseeing. The Sono Centrum looks like an amazing venue from the pictures I’ve seen, and I’m sure the audience will be very enthusiastic to hear all their favourite Supertramp songs

Have you concerted in Eastern European countries already? And, if yes, how did the audience react to you?
We have played in France, Belgium, Spain and Portugal among others but it will actually be our first time in Eastern Europe I think.
We’re really looking forward to it, I know Supertramp themselves haven’t played in the region in a very long time and I’ve always found that in Eastern European countries fans of this era of music are very loyal and passionate so we are very happy to be able to bring all the classics to them

Which kind of music so you listen yourself?
I’m a big fan of 70s classic rock and progressive rock, all the greats like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Genesis, Yes etc. I also listen to a lot of metal (more on the melodic side) and other kinds of music.
Of course everyone in the band has very different tastes ranging from jazz to pop

Do you think that music will play an equally significant role for listeners in the future as it did in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, or it will become some sort of filler material that will be route by modern technology?
That’s a good question and something I think about from time to time. I’m not really old enough to say “back in my day things were different” but I do find that nowadays for most people music is just something to have in the background, just a way to avoid silence. They don’t look for an emotional connection to the music and it’s not something that affects them very much. Of course there will always be some who are passionate about music but I think it is now definitely only a minority

Brno has a long musical tradition. Not only in jazz but also in rock. Did you have chance to be interested in the local music scene?
Well, if we had a few days in town we would probably go and check out some clubs to see local bands play, but we will be travelling on to play in Zlin the day after so I’m afraid we won’t have a chance to immerse ourselves in the local music scene. Maybe next time

Which song from your playlist you prefer to sing - Is It It´s Raining Again or the famous The Logical Song?
Out of those two I would say The Logical Song, my other favourites in the set are Hide in Your Shell and the end of Rudy. Difficult to choose as there are so many great songs of course

I would like to wish you a great deal of success and thank you for the interview,
Thank you for the opportunity, and we look forward to meeting all Supertramp fans in Brno in a few weeks!



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There had to be one some day since we have a multitude covering the works of Pink Floyd, another load covering Genesis stuff and more recently a Yes tribute band. There are many others covering a host of others and all do a fine job in their own way even if I am not a great believer in copyists. Still you have to give them a chance and the one common denominator, generally, is that they're all quality musicians.
The latter applies also as well known names and some not so well known get together to produce four tracks of Supertramp music and they have literally done 'Bloody well right'. 'Surely' from the early days is covered well as is 'Logical song'. The difference with this lot as opposed to many other bands is that they do not rely on this for a living, but who knows, it just might take off!

- Review by Martin Hudson -

(MAR. 2006)

(Porto's spectacular concert "Logicaltramp"). The audience, as you can already guess, is made up of fans of Supertramp. This concert was staged in Porto 18th March, 2006. The group presented – in it's first concert in Porto - a show centered on the famous live album "Paris", from 1980. Logicaltramp’s magisterial interpretation of all the Supertramp classics were rightly acclaimed by the audience, who were stunned by the concert’s associated visual component that recreated the universe of images of this quintessentially British band. A truly magnificent concert! The Portuguese have another chance to see them when they come to Pico Island, in The Azores to stage another concert on 28th July. I for one won't miss them for the world... EL PAIS - BARCELONA
(JAN. 2017)

Homenaje musical a una de las bandas más legendarias! - Logicaltramp, es una agrupación musical que ha interpretado por Europa y todo Reino Unido, los grandes clásicos de Supertramp, una de las bandas de rock que durante décadas llenó en sus conciertos y tuvo diversos números uno en las listas de todo el mundo.

Los músicos que integran este grupo, han sido respaldados por los integranes de la banda original, para tocar los temás más famosos del a banda. Si quieres seguir saltando al ritmo de las canciones de Rick Davies y Roger Hodgson, aprovecha el descuento especial para suscriptores y compra las entradas ya para el concierto del 21 de enero en el Palau de la Música Catalana.

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