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Radio Interview

Anthony Clayton
, our guitarist, interviewed by Geoff Dorsett in october 2010

John Helliwell

Logicaltramp had the great privilege to welcome John on stage during a special concert in the north of England. He performed a 'Logical song' that made us feel very logical!... and most honoured to have the Master himself on stage with us for a very special evening where we were very lucky to entertain both his family, friends and fans... (watch video)

Carl Verheyen

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Laurent on stage with Carl Verheyen band at the Baked Potato, Los Angeles (USA) - Feb.16th, 2019

Swiss Radio

Our saxophonist Laurent Hunziker, joined a talkshow on swiss Tamas Csemezradio RTN in july 2014 (in french).

Inside last tour

Some "inside", stage or backstage pictures shot during the last french tour Rock Legends III - sept 2021

Videos on Stage
Logicaltramp have created a series of concert film clips that evoke and enhance the artwork, ambience and atmosphere of Supertramp. The song-specific clips are shown on a large backdrop screen while the band plays the hits. Combined with dramatic lighting effects and the band's powerful live sound, Logicaltramp aim to recreate a vintage Supertramp performance every night.

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Last pictures posted...


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The band has toured many venues across European countries
and Canada... Here are some of the Live images: (full gallery here)

Breakfast in America, Studio recording - London - May 2019


Tourband 2020 featuring, from left to right:
Alex Kundig, Gary Hopkins, Simon Hitchenson, Grant Wildy, Anthony Clayton, Laurent Hunziker, Serge Sainte Rose.

When the audience stands up and dance! The way we like it... - Rock Legends tour III 2021
Cité des congrès, Nantes (France) - september 11, 2021


Band on stage during Rock Legends tour 2020, France.

Bloody well right intro at soundcheck - Rock Legends tour 2020
Palais des congrès, Aix-les-bains (France) - March 8, 2020


ROCK LEGENDS - March 2020 - Medley (audience footage)

Give a little bit, The 1865, Southampton, Jan.17, 2020
(credits M. Lynch)


"Quite right" on stage...

Mannequin challenge - Palau de la Musica, Barcelona - Jan. 2017

B Festival 2018
B FESTIVAL , Longfield (UK) - July 6th, 2018 [gallery]

Surely. Video clip from our album "Not Quite Famous" songs of Supertramp.

Czech Republic 2018
SONO CENTRUM , Brno (Czech republic) - April 27th, 2018


From now on, alto sax solo excerpt - MONTAUBAN (France), Aug. 22, 2014

Czech Republic 2018
ZLIN CONGRESS CENTER, Zlin (Czech republic) - April 28th, 2018 [gallery]

Give a little bit intro, BRNO Centrum, Brno (Czech republic - April 2018)

Barcelona 2018
PALAU DE LA MUSICA, Barcelona (Spain) - March 27th, 2018 [gallery]

Dreamer, Studio recording - London - May 2019

Rock Legends 2021
SCENEO, St. Omer (France) - September 15th, 2021

Video excerpts, AUDITORIUM de PALMA DE MALLORCA, Jan. 7, 2018


Barcelona 2018HUNTINGDON HALL , Worcester (UK) - November 11th, 2017


Laurent guesting with CARL VERHEYEN BAND, Baked Potato, Los Angeles (USA), for a special version of Bloody well right (excerpt) Feb. 16, 2019

The genuine Supertramp's tenor sax given by John Helliwell to Laurent Hunziker...

Switzerland 2014
Festival LES PROMOS, Le Locle (Switzerland) - July 4th, 2014 [gallery]

Belgium 2022
Crisnée Cover festival, Liège (Belgium) - July 8th, 2022 [gallery]

Fool's overture (excerpt) - Festival les Promos, Le Locle, Switzerland 2014

Comporta, Portugal
MUSICA NA COMPORTA, Comporta (Portugal) - August 13th, 2010


Cassis, France
Cassis (France) - July 21st, 2012

Unplanned "Lady"... (encore after the encore). A funny moment
when audience didn't want to leave despite the lights back on...
We had to come back on stage to play a last and non listed one...
Palau de la Musica, Barcelona 2018

Cassis, France
MATTHEW STREET FESTIVAL, Liverpool (UK) - August 31st, 2009


Walled garden festival 2016
WALLED GARDEN FESTIVAL , East Sussex (UK) - July 16th, 2016 [gallery]


Comporta, Portugal
LIVING ART CENTRE, MIssissauga (Canada) - November 27th, 2008

St.Omer (France) - Rock Legends tour III - Sept. 15th, 2021

John and Laurent
John Helliwell SUPERTRAMP 1979 - Laurent Hunziker LOGICALTRAMP 2020


B Festival 2018
St. John's church, Farncombe (UK), March 17, 2018
(Picture by Sarah Longes)


Band on stage during Rock Legends tour 2020

Isolation duet during Covid19 - Simon & Laurent covering "Give a little bit"

The very beginnings of the band in 2004, with John Helliwell as guest...
(Victoria theatre, Settle, UK)
Willy Norton (vocals), Jerry Cunningham (vocals/bass), Anthony Clayton (guitar), Philip Moss (drums), Gonzalo Carrera (keys), Laurent Hunziker (whistle)

IN 7 days


Photos of Us

Some "inside" pictures shot by Logicaltramp members!

Miscellaneous stages pictures over many gigs around

Febre de Sabado, Julio Isidro, RTP Portuguese Television 2006

Not Quite Famous
Discover Logicaltramp's CD featuring some not quite famous songs of Supertramp!...

Canada 2008
Some on and off stage shots of our tour in Ontario, Quebec, Nov. 2008

Send Your Photos!
Did you take any good pictures of Logicaltramp on stage (or off-stage) ? ... Please send them!..

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Original artwork by Cindy Marsh
from the "Paris" Live album