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NOV. 18, 2023

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Richard Palmer released a beautiful new album... Have a listen on Deezer! We loved it!

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...Logicaltramp have been playing with love and passion the great music of Supertramp!

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Logicaltramp has just performed a very special concert in Paris, at the beautiful Salle Pleyel, on november 18th, 2023... and we were so very honored to welcome on stage with us the amazing John Anthony Helliwell (Supertramp saxophonist), An incredible moment! Here is a little excerpt as a logical gift More pictures [here]

Click to enlarge!Logicaltramp will now be 6 people for most concerts, our frontman Gary Hopkins playing all piano & keys parts by himself! It's a genuine performance to deal with all thoses parts with only 2 hands and one brain... ;-) and Gary's doing pretty well on that!

Click to enlarge!John Helliwell sent this picture to Laurent (our saxophonist) this morning saying: "Our saxophone in 1983".

John used to play this tenor saxophone until 2003 when he passed it to Laurent for further Supertramp musical adventures with Logicaltramp. He bought it in 1964 and played it on all Supertramp albums and concerts throughout the world...

John and Laurent are sharing a genuine friendship since 1989 when they first met in Paris, and keep seeing each other whenever they can whether in UK or France. Sometimes fairy tales come true... ;-)

Click to enlarge! Great time at the Buttonpop festival, near Amsterdam (NL) on Saturday May 21st, 2022!... A really great evening with nice Supertramp mates guesting with us and an incredible audience! ;-)

Click to enlarge! LIVE! The band played all around France on a tour started in March 2020, then stopped by covid, and finished in September 2021... You can have a listen of one of the show here... Enjoy!

Click to enlarge! The band was happy to be back in Wales, for a sold out show at the lovely Acapela Studio in Cardiff on october 8th! Good to be on a small but warm stage after the theaters and arenas tour in France! Thank you for the lovely audience & staff... (also loved the pizzas!)

The band was so happy to play in France for the ROCK LEGENDS TOUR III
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It was an amazing time with amazing people, musicians and staff... The mates from Dire Straits tribute band Money for nothing were fantastic too and we had such a good time travelling and playing along with them! A big thank you to Richard Walter Productions for putting this tour together. Special thanks to the staff travelling with us: Xavier (production), Manu (tour manager), Sof (stage manager), Doumé (sound), Mehdi (stage sound), Régis (lights) and Vincent (bus driver). It was great to travel along with you guys! (view some inside pictures here!)

Click to enlarge! NEW T-SHIRTS & miscellaneous items (hoodies, mugs, phone cases, pillows, bags, etc...) with Logicaltramp logo are now available! Get some and visit our gallery here:

Click to enlarge! A PIECE OF HISTORY ! The genuine sax microphone used on stage by Supertramp for many years and now with Logicaltramp (on some occasions...) You can still see the word "sax" written by Supertramp sound engineer during their 1979 tour... (A beautiful gift from John Helliwell)! Many pictures are showing this microphone wrapped into a weird black cover, facing John. Here it is... How lucky we are!

Click to enlarge!Logicaltramp enjoyed very much playing again in Spain, at the beautiful Palau de la Musica in Barcelona... THANK YOU Barcelona for your amazing support! We had to come back on stage for a second encore and we served an unreheased "Lady" after our traditional "Crime of the century"! Funny...

Click to enlarge!Logicaltramp loved to perform at the Formula one Grand Prix de Monaco (south of France, May 25th, 2018). We really enjoyed the race too... ;-) Thank you to Incentive Concept Monaco for the VIP treat!

Click to enlarge!Last february 2019, Carl Verheyen (Supertramp) invited Laurent Hunziker (Logicaltramp) in Los Angeles to play on a couple of songs at the Baked Potato club. One of them was a special version of Bloody well right...

Click to enlarge!On June 4th 2019, Laurent had the privilege to be invited with a very few friends to the Roger Hodgson's ceremony for the "Chevalier des arts et des lettres" award at the Ministère de la culture in Paris.

Click to enlarge!The band was happy to play again in Czechia again, PRAHA this time, at the beautiful Hybernia theatre, on October 28th, 2019.


Gary Hopkins's album

Gary's album Driven on distraction still available.

Check Amazon and Itunes.

All four albums of Gary are available for downloads on iTunes, distributed through Sony US aggregator The Orchard. Also get it on Amazon and Spotify.

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The official page introducing the album recorded by Logicaltramp, featuring 10 not quite famous songs of Supertramp :


Anthony and John having a beer after a Logicaltramp concert...

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Inside last tour

Some "inside", stage or backstage pictures shot during the last french tour Rock Legends III - sept 2021

Original artwork by
Mike Doud / Bob Seideman
from the album
"Even in the quietest moments"